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Start-up Essentials: Defining your Business & Story

  • Start: 11th June, 2024 @ 12:00PM
  • End: 11th June, 2024 @ 12:30PM
  • Online
In this session, we’ll explore the art of storytelling, brand identity development, and aligning your vision with your customers’ needs.What you will learn:

  • The importance of a strong brand identity and its impact on customer trust.
  • Crafting a unique and memorable brand story.
  • Strategies for effectively communicating your brand’s values.

About the Speaker: Ruby Lee

Ruby Lee is the founder and creative director of website design studio Studio 77 and website template business Squarebase. With over a decade of experience, working in all sorts of industries from global tech giants and small independents, Ruby now focuses her time in the health and wellness space, and is on a mission to banish bad website design and empower small businesses.