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Ongoing – Core Conversations: training for mental health and wellbeing

  • Start: 31st January, 2023 @ 2:00PM
  • End: 10th March, 2023 @ 11:00AM
  • Online event

Training for London’s key workers, including VCS staff and volunteers, to learn and practise having conversations that make a difference when someone is having a tough time.

What is a Core Conversation?

The cost-of-living crisis represents the largest drop in household disposable income in over a century. We know that the number of people with financial worries and mental health issues is growing.

Many Londoners are facing depleted financial resilience, have no capacity to save and are therefore unable to prepare for future economic shocks. All of this places many at an increased risk of anxiety, cumulative stress and mental health issues, exacerbated by the onset of the winter months and crisis fatigue.

But although we know all this, getting help to those who need it isn’t that easy. A conversation had with someone about their mental health – in which they can really share their problems, many of which may be complex and interconnected, and you explore and find solutions together – is a very different kind of conversation.

Really talking to people in this way, to help them through tough times, takes skill. It takes practice. But this is something that anyone can learn.

About Core Conversations training

This is where Core Conversations training comes in. The training is based on seven principles for caring and great conversations. These were co-created with nearly two hundred front-line experts from the public and voluntary sector during the pandemic.

The training uses these principles to enhance people’s existing ability to quickly build a relationship with the person they’re aiming to help, form a holistic understanding of the challenge at hand and to co-create solutions to overcome them.

There is no perfect template for a Core Conversation. Whether you’ve got 2 days’ experience or 20 years, there’s always more to learn. The insights gathered from each session are used to continuously update the principles to benefit the alumni network and future participants. We learn something new together every session.

This training has been put together by Thrive LDN and Basis. Full details can be found on the Thrive LDN website, or you can contact coreconversations@basis.co.uk.


This training is running on 4 occasions:

  • 31 January, 2-4pm
  • 23 February, 10-12pm
  • 27 Februiary, 2-4pm
  • 10 March, 10-12pm

How to book

You can register for your free place at any session via the button below, or via the Eventbrite website. Please note that spaces are limited to 20 people per session.