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Message testing on a budget – Media Trust

  • Start: 7th February, 2024 @ 2:00PM
  • End: 7th February, 2024 @ 3:30PM
  • Online

Every piece of communication your charity shares counts. Every email has the power to raise much needed funds. Every social post has the potential to recruit a new volunteer. But how can we make sure our words are as powerful as they can be?

This is where message testing comes in. Message testing allows you to see which framing connects best with your audience. If you want your words to have a positive impact, it’s so valuable to conduct message tests to ensure that when your words reach your audience, they are as impactful as possible. This means your audience will be more likely to understand your message, care about your message, and take action based on your message.

Come along to this session to learn how to get started with message testing, even when you’re low on budget and time.

Together, we’ll work through three examples of different levels of message testing:

  • No budget: Building a message testing culture in your team. Make small, free and quick actions part of your routine.
  • A tiny budget project for a time-limited period: Even with under £100 to spend, you can feel more confident about digital and focus group testing.
  • A big budget project: even if you will not run one yourself, understanding the advanced methods involved in these projects will help you assess and apply the messaging recommendations that come out of them.

Attendance Eligibility

This session is aimed at charity professionals in the equalities sector who work in a communications, media, social media, campaigning or a strategy role.


This session is aimed at people who have some awareness of the importance of messaging and framing, but not necessarily experienced in running message testing themselves.

About your expert trainer

Sho Walker-Konno is a communications coach for activists, currently supporting under-fire activists around the world: from abortion to trans rights to climate justice and migration.