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Journey To Improve Health Outcomes for Southwark’s BAME Community

  • Start: 29th November, 2023 @ 10:00AM
  • End: 29th November, 2023 @ 3:30PM
  • The Crypt at St Peter's Church Walworth, Liverpool Grove, London, SE17 2HH

*This event is for BAME-led community groups and charities operating in Southwark.

The event will be facilitated by leaders from the BAME-led community sector who provide health and social care services in Southwark. They have come together to perform a common task to make things happen around an issue that is important to Southwark’s BAME community sector.

This event will be an opportunity to:

  • Hear how the BAME-led community sector is addressing Health Inequalities
  • Gather solutions for how BAME-led community sector groups and public health and social care bodies can address health inequalities together
  • Ensure that the BAME-led community sector’s voice fully contributes at all levels in shaping the Integrated Care Systems’ future partnership work with the VCS.
  • Contribute to the development of a network set up to challenge systemic inequalities based on race and ethnicity.

The first part of this event, 10am – 1pm, is a community conversation that will address how Southwark’s public health and social care system, when designing its services, responds to the needs and priorities of the BAME-led community sector

Key policy and decision makers from Southwark’s Public Health and Social care bodies have been invited to the event and will include representatives from the Integrated Care System, Southwark Public Health Commissioners, and Partnership Southwark . Names of  representatives will be confirmed shortly.

The second part of this event starts after lunch at 1:45pm – 3pm and provides an opportunity for people interested in knowing more about the R.E.A.C.H. Alliance network, why it exists and how you can get involved to become changemakers i.e. making things happen around issues that are important to Southwark’s BAME community sector.

Please join this important discussion to help shape how the R.E.A.C.H. Network develops its work in the future.

It is important that you book now for this event as there are only 50 places available. Please go to the book tickets online button to secure your place.

Refreshments and lunch provided


The R.E.A.C.H. Network was set up in 2020 and is one of several networks hosted by  Community Southwark . Its purpose is to articulate a common understanding of issues, needs, and goals and provide solutions through a collective representative voice for the BAME-led Community Sector to help challenge systemic race inequalities and promote diversity and inclusion.

The network is currently managed by a committee of 6 leaders from the BAME-led community sector.  The committee has recognised that the current management model of the network has many pluses but also presents even more challenges around how it is run.

The committee is very interested in looking at different models that can develop a culture where participants are all equally co – cooperating to perform a common task or to create common opportunities; equal power and shared responsibility is spread throughout the network as opposed to investing in a small core of people.

For example, this event “The Journey to Improve Health Outcomes…..” has been organised by BAME leaders who have come together to perform a common task to make things happen around an issue that is important to Southwark’s BAME community.


[Photo and quote taken from previous BAME-led event in March 2023]

Thank you very much for organizing this wonderful conference, it was impressive and left me a a very good memory. I meet many people I found new friends from different organisations or community charities. [Feedback from attendee]