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How will the environmental crises affect people in poverty and experiencing health inequalities in the UK?

  • Start: 24th June, 2024 @ 10:30AM
  • End: 24th June, 2024 @ 12:00PM
  • Online

Environmental change, and the policies introduced to respond to it, will not affect all people in the same way. This rapid change has the potential to entrench or reduce some of society’s most pressing inequalities, including around income and health.

But understanding how to bring about a positive future and support people living in poverty or experiencing health inequalities to deal with the impact of environmental crises first requires an understanding of the impacts, to help you to navigate the issue and your potential response.

Along with our charity partners, this event will launch research into the impacts of environmental change and associated policies on people in poverty, and those experiencing health inequalities, in the UK.

Whether you are a charity, funder or policymaker, this event will:

  • help you to find out more about how environmental change and policies will affect these groups
  • help you to think about what your role in responding to these impacts should be.

The research launched at this event will build on previous research on the impacts of the environmental crises and related policy on young people, Disabled people, older people and people from ethnic minority communities.


While this event is free to attend, we are also able to offer a limited number of reimbursements of £80 to cover time spent attending the event. These are available to people with lived experience of poverty or health inequalities, and representatives of charities led by people with lived experience of poverty or health inequalities. Reimbursements are available on a first come, first served basis, with a maximum of one reimbursed place per organisation. Email them to apply.


We are also actively working to improve the accessibility of our online and in-person events. As part of our commitment, for all online events we use live closed captions and upload the recordings to YouTube which has the capability to select subtitles. For in-person events we strive to use accessible venues. Please email us at events@thinkNPC.org if we can assist you further.