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Getting On Board – Unravel the Mystery of Cybersecurity

  • Start: 27th March, 2024 @ 4:30PM
  • End: 27th March, 2024 @ 5:30PM
  • Online

Why this adventure?

In the fast-paced digital world, cybersecurity is no longer just an IT concern; it’s a crucial safeguard against potential financial catastrophes, reputational nightmares, and risks to everyone your organisation holds dear – from staff and volunteers to the very people you serve.

Charities, according to the National Cyber Security Centre, aren’t just vulnerable; they’re prime targets for cyber predators. Being unprepared isn’t just risky; it’s a venture into dangerous waters.

Your mission in this interactive session:

1. Cybersecurity Decoded: Understand the basics of cybersecurity in a way that’s clear, engaging, and free from tech jargon. Perfect for trustees with no prior experience in this field.

2. The Trustee’s Role: Uncover why cybersecurity is a crucial part of your governance role. Learn how to champion digital safety within your organization.

3. The Enemy’s Playbook: Explore the various types of cyber attacks through an interactive, detective-style scenario. Think like a cybercriminal to protect like a cybersecurity pro.

4. Shield Up: Learn practical, effective strategies to prevent and reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks. Turn your organisation into a digital fortress!

5. Crisis Management: When the unthinkable happens, what’s next? Equip yourself with the knowledge to respond swiftly and effectively in the event of a cyber attack.

Who should join?

This session is specially designed for trustees with no prior knowledge of cybersecurity. Whether you’re new to the board or looking to update your knowledge, this adventure is for you.

Why wait? The cyber world needs you!

Join us for this one-hour, action-packed training session. Not only will you gain vital knowledge, but you’ll also experience the thrill of solving cybersecurity mysteries with fellow trustees. Book your spot now and transform into a cybersecurity champion for your organisation!

This session is generously being delivered by Michala Liavaag, Founder and MD of Cybility Consulting. An experienced cybersecurity leader, speaker, mentor, and podcaster; Michala spent over 20 years in IT and a decade leading information governance and cybersecurity programmes across local government, healthcare, charity, and private sectors.

She founded Cybility Consulting to demystify cybersecurity for leaders; enabling them to build customer trust and better protect their organisations. Her podcast and YouTube channel, Cybility Savvy, offer bite-sized cybersecurity advice and conversations with leaders and experts. She contributes to work with the UK National Cyber Security Centre, advisory group of the South-East Cyber Resilience Centre, and volunteers as a STEM ambassador to inspire the next generation of security professionals.

About the session

  • The session will take place on Zoom. The joining link will be sent in the Eventbrite confirmation email. You will also receive email reminders from Eventbrite 2 days, 2 hours and 10 minutes before the session starts. These reminders will also include the joining link.
  • The session will be recorded and be later uploaded to our YouTube channel. We’re so pleased as to how popular our sessions have been, many have sold out. Please only book a ticket if you intend to join the session live. We’d totally recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel so you can be kept up to date with all the new uploads.
  • If the session uses slides, we will send these to all who have booked a ticket following the session. Our panel sessions don’t use slides. If having the slides prior to the session will make it more accessible for you, please email info@gettingonboard.org and we will gladly send them to you.
  • As an attendee, you can enable closed captions during the session. For panels, we ‘spotlight’ panelists so the view stays consistently on those speaking. If you have booked a ticket, please contact info@gettingonboard.org if there are other adjustments we can make to the session to make it accessible to you.