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Funding, Power and Participatory Grantmaking

  • Start: 4th July, 2024 @ 10:00AM
  • End: 4th July, 2024 @ 11:00AM
  • Online

Increasing participation and inclusion in grantmaking processes is a goal shared by many, but how do we act on this to empower communities, leverage local expertise, build trust and more?

The Black Systemic Safety Fund set out to address the issue of safety for Black and racially minoritised communities within Lambeth and Southwark through a unique social labs process.

What you will learn

Through a reflective discussion around the process, including thought provoking provocations and conversations, we will together unpack:

  • Why to think about participatory grantmaking as more than just an approach to fund distribution
  • The importance of being conscious of power, rank, and privilege when undertaking participatory grant-making
  • The role of trust in participatory grant-making
  • How to create a process that leads to impactful granting


Speaker: Yannick Wassmer

Yannick is a Senior Consultant at Reos Partners, a student of equitable systems change and a complexity nerd. He loves to design and facilitate collaborative change processes and transformative learning experiences – using participatory and dialogic methodologies for inner and outer change.

Yannick was the project and facilitation lead for the RES Lab, a collaborative multi-stakeholder process aimed at developing new responses to the climate crisis from an intergenerational justice lens. Currently, Yannick is leading multiple Social Lab processes focused on creating flourishing, safe, and healthy Black and Racially minoritised communities across London and the UK.

Speaker: Radhika Bynon

Radhika is in the Innovation Team at Impact on Urban Health (IoUH) where she works on the leadership portfolio and community funding. Radhika joined IoUH in 2020 from the Young Foundation where she was Director of Programmes. There, she led the Communities Team working on projects supporting community-led change.

Radhika is a long-standing trustee of Community Links, a key anchor organisation in Newham and a board member of Global Fund for Women, a US-based foundation focussing on women’s rights globally and is chair of Global Fund for Women UK.

Speaker: Michael Hamilton 

Michael Hamilton is a Director of the Ubele Initiative as well as Michael E. Hamilton LTD. He was the Director of an NHS Young Peoples’ Health Project; a popular radio show host of the Health & Lifestyle show on Choice FM and a part-time lecturer in Youth & Community Work.

His extensive work experience spans more than 30 years and has explored change from a range of perspectives which include counselling, youth work, coaching and community development.