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Digital Boost – What Your Marketing Must Say To Convert Leads

  • Start: 25th June, 2024 @ 4:00PM
  • End: 25th June, 2024 @ 5:00PM
  • Online
Many people struggle to find a message that resonates with leads to make them paying customers. In this masterclass we’ll explore how to ensure your marketing resonates and leads to customers and advocates.

About Me – Stuart Webb

I’ve been involved in starting, scaling, and selling technical businesses for three decades. Now I mentor ambitious business owners and managers to dramatically increase business value through sustained leads, recurring profits, and well-motivated teams. My early background as a scientist is very different from most in this field and it gave me the foundations which have underpinned consistent success regardless of the type of business I’m supporting. A vital discipline for a scientist is ensuring work is repeatable (the basis of all scientific research).

I help business leaders and owners plan, execute, and secure investment; develop and manage the team efficiently; commercialise new products; guarantee recurring leads and recurring profits; increase productivity; hit goals and achieve dreams. I have a uniquely-proven approach to embedding robust thinking and unbreakable formulas as the foundations for business growth. And it works! I am a member of the ABM and I mentor students at the Business School at Wolverhampton University.

What people have said about me as a mentor:

  • “Stuart is a natural coach, and can bring the best out of people in times where they feel demotivated.”
  • “Stuart approaches challenges which require flexibility and adaptability on his part – all of which he invariably takes in his stride”
  • “Stuart can frame challenges and produce innovative solutions or options to solve problems.”
  • “Stuart seems to navigate difficult lines with consummate ease and maintains his patience and strategic view throughout some very difficult and tight phases, never losing sight of the final objective.”

I have been a mentor to business owners since 2008.

Some of the businesses I have helped:

  • A business with an innovative glass coating who I have helped to get finance to grow into international markets, opened new manufacturing joint ventures in the US and brought governance to the Board of Directors.
  • A growing IT Managed Service company to ensure a controllable lead flow so that they now sustain 80 -90 new leads per month
  • An Events and Networking business helping them to scale-up.