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Class-Conscious Activism: Maintaining Bridges

  • Start: 22nd July, 2024 @ 6:00PM
  • End: 22nd July, 2024 @ 8:00PM
  • SPACE4 (Black gate entrance, 2nd Floor), 113-115 Fonthill Road London N4 3HH

In this final session we will look at ways to help activists maintain long-lasting relationships in their groups, by creating environments that strive to cater for the diverse needs of both the working and middle class. We will do so by focusing on how we organise and structure our meetings, campaigns, aims, demands and styles of communication.

Why attend?

  • To learn about what social class is and its impact upon activism
  • To get a better understanding of working class needs in environmentalism
  • To create more inclusive atmospheres
  • Learn about cross-class organising
  • Explore different strategies for reaching more diverse audiences and inciting systems change

Who is this for?

  • Collectives who wish to reach more diverse audiences
  • Community organisers
  • Activists

3 sessions

Our masterclass are made up of 3 sessions run over 3 months. While you can attend them individually, we recommend coming to them all for the best experience.

  1. What Exactly Is Social Class? (Mon 20 May 18:00)
  2. Building Bridges (Mon 17 Jun 18:00)
  3. Maintaining Bridges (Mon 22 Jul 18:00)

Workshop leader

Emma River-Roberts is an activist and researcher whose work is centred around integrating working class perspectives into mainstream environmentalism. In 2023 she founded The Working Class Climate Alliance (WCCA), an international grassroots organisation which aims to raise awareness about working class forms of environmentalism, serve as a global network for working class individuals, collectives and organisations to connect with each other, as well as increase collaboration between working- and middle-class activist groups. The WCCA also works closely with academia, NGOs, think-tanks and charities to advance its goals. She is an affiliate of the Post Growth Institute.

SPACE4 Masterclasses

SPACE4 is part of Outlandish, a co-op that builds websites and digital tools for progressive causes . We are interested in tech for good, progressive economics, and social issues. We provide co-working, meeting, and events space, primarily to social innovators and digital activists. We also organise and host a range of networking and training events around these topics.

This workshop is part of an ongoing programme of masterclasses to upskill our network and community in Islington and beyond.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit us.

The £5 charge on this event is a deposit that will be refunded if you attend. The reason behind this is to assure bums on the seats as we spend a lot of time prepping for these events and workshops. If you’re unable to pay contact natasha@outlandish.com for free registration.

Venue access information: https://space4.tech/visit-us