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Beyond Grants: Exploring Alternative Funding Options – Ubele Initiative

  • Start: 24th October, 2023 @ 6:00PM
  • End: 24th October, 2023 @ 7:00PM
  • Online event

Join the Ubele Initiatve for this look at alternative funding options for Charities and Social Enterprises, that are run by teams from Black and Racially Minoritised Communities.

Are your grant opportunities starting to dry up? Can’t find grants that will allow you to grow your work?

This session welcome charities and social enterprises that are run by teams from Black and Racially Minoritised communities to discover the diverse range of alternative funding opportunities that could help your organisation thrive.

This session is all about funding beyond grants. You’ll explore avenues like loan finance, equity investment and enterprise/sales. You’ll learn more about whether these funding options are right for your organisation, the advantages and disadvantages of each and what steps you can take to start accessing them.

About The Ubele Initiative

The Ubele Initiative are an African diaspora-led, infrastructure-plus organisation empowering Black and Minoritised communities in the UK to act as catalysts for social and economic change.

To achieve this, they work with community leaders, groups, and organisations in the UK and beyond to strengthen their sustainability, resilience, and voice.

Ubele is taken from Swahili, meaning ‘the future’.

More information

The Ubele Initiative runs the Flexible Finance scheme, which supports organisations led by people from Black and Racially Minoritised communities that are improving people’s lives or the environment they live in. For more information, contact Josh.FalconerRoberts@ubele.org

More here: https://www.ubele.org/our-work/flexible-finance

How to book

You can register for your free place via the button below, or via the Eventbrite website.