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An Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  • Start: 27th June, 2024 @ 1:00PM
  • End: 27th June, 2024 @ 3:30PM
  • Online

Excel is an incredibly useful tool to help you store, analyse and present your data. Even with basic skills there’s a lot you can do to help with your oragnisation’s monitoring and evaluation practice – but how do you get started?

This free session will introduce you to the basics of Microsoft Excel, including creating, formating and sorting spreadsheets, navigating the Excel ribbon, and basic auto and manual formulae.

There are several follow on sessions that you can then join, to build your knowledge and skills in Microsoft Excel further.

This session will cover

Topic 1 – a quick tour & viewing and formatting your data
Topic 2 – sorting your data
Topic 3 – an introduction to auto formulae
Topic 4 – an introduction to manual forumlae
Topic 5 – (if we have time) an introduction to printing Excel sheets

Pre-course requirement

You will need to be able to join this session from a PC or laptop with Excel installed to be able to participate in the training. The session is designed for people using Microsoft Excel 2016, 2019, 2021 or the Microsoft 365 Excel desktop App on a Windows PC / laptop. If you have an earlier version of Excel, are using the Microsoft 365 Web App in a browser, or are working on a Mac, you’ll find that some of the features we look at either don’t exist or are accessed differently. Please check the version of Excel you are running by opening Excel, click on ‘file’ and then on ‘account’ and you will see the version you are running in the right hand-side of the window.

Am I eligible for this course?

Priority for this course will be given to Trust for London funded small charities and community organisations working in London.

Is this course for me?

This course is for staff, trustees or volunteers of small London charities or community organisations who are getting started on their data and digital journeys and want to better collect, analyse and present data to influence change.

Course format

Online technical group training

This is an online interactive live training session. You’ll take part in interactive exercises such as breakout room discussions, polls or chat conversations.

You will be asked to complete individual technical tasks on your PC or laptop. You will not be able to join this training using a mobile device. It’s likely that you will need to either create online accounts or download appropriate software, which we’ll tell you about in advance.


Clare Chamberlain has worked in various roles at London based CVS organisations since 2008 and joined Superhighways in June 2020. She is a Data Support Adviser, helping small charities and community groups to better use the data they collect when supporting communities, to clearly share the story of their work.