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Council “GRANTS” investigation into funding of Black, Asian and minority ethnic Community Organisations

Southwark Council is investigating whether or not Black, Asian and minority ethnic community organisations are facing structural barriers when trying to access funding - (Published 14 May 2021).

In summer 2020 Southwark Stands Together was launched by Southwark Council with a number of listening events and round table events with Southwark residents and community organisations to hear about their experiences of racism and inequality.  

These conversations exposed the depth and breadth of racism and inequalities that have been felt and experienced by Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities in Southwark for many years.

Among issues raised were concerns that Black, Asian and minority ethnic community organisations have unfair access to and outcomes from Council run grant making programmes.

This has prompted Southwark Council to investigate whether or not Black, Asian and minority ethnic community organisations are facing structural barriers when trying to access funding and delivery opportunities through its grant making and commissioning processes.

Working alongside Council officers as part of a steering group panel overseeing this investigation are Community Southwark and community representatives from the Southwark R.E.A.C.H. Alliance and Latin American Networks.

The panel has appointed Equinox Associates as independent consultants to carry out the investigation. One of their tasks will be to hold confidential and open conversations with as manyBlack, Asian and minority ethnic  community organisations about their experiences of and contact with the Council’s grant making and commissioning processes.

The panel will take forward recommendations from the final report produced by Equinox to the Council’s Cabinet meeting in September 2021.

More updates to follow.

Join us on 17 June for ‘We Are Not Going Back To Normal’

This is an event calling for Black, Asian and minority ethnic led community groups in Southwark to provide solutions for better community engagement with the Council.

Southwark R.E.A.C.H. Alliance & Latin American Networks

If you want to find out more about the Southwark R.E.A.C.H. Alliance and Latin American Networks, please email: david@communitysouthwark.org 

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