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Cost of Living Fund – Behind the Scenes

This initiative supported Southwark residents who are on low incomes to receive a one off payment of £100 to pay towards necessities such as food and bills. 61 Southwark voluntary and community groups became referrers resulting in collectively supporting 13,141 Southwark residents.

In the winter of 2023/2024 Southwark Council introduced the ‘Cost-of-Living Fund’ that allowed Southwark residents to apply for £100 one-off payment to pay towards basic necessities such as energy bills, food, and travel. Over 180 organisations (including schools, multi-faith groups, TRAs and community groups) took part to become referrers.

61 of these referrers were local voluntary and community groups who collectively supported 13,141 Southwark residents in accessing the £100 payments.

We wanted to share some of the incredible faces of voluntary and community groups who were working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Watch our videos below by clicking on links for ‘Share the Cost Global’, ‘The Ernest Foundation’, ‘Faith Women’s UK’, ‘Pecan’ and ‘The Health Show CIC’.


Share the Cost Global: At the heart of Share The Cost Global (STC Global) lies a simple yet profound belief: when there’s a cost to share, let’s share it. We envision a world where giving and receiving are done with dignity and respect, where every individual feels empowered and connected. Embracing the ethos of ” Dignity In Giving ” and “Pay It Forward” we dream of a world where acts of giving and receiving are the norm.

Share the Cost Global

The Ernest Foundation: They run projects and activities to support people living with and affected by HIV to help improve their quality of life. (They are a multinational organisation).

The Ernest Foundation


Faith Women’s Community UK: FWCUK constitutes an equality, Diversity, inclusivity, justice, and transparency. They are a space for women to share individual experiences, learn from each other, and empower one another. FWCUK represents all women groups and echo their voices in the community. Additionally, FWCUK empowers families to thrive despite challenges by equipping individuals with the knowledge, tools, and resources to take control of their health. This initiative fosters a sense of autonomy and well-being. Our efforts in raising awareness to promote health and well-being significantly improves mental health and addresses issues of loneliness and isolation.


Faith Women’s Community UK


Pecan: A community development charity based in Peckham. They work with the local community to help people find a way through seemingly impossible barriers to a better future. Some of their services include ‘Food Banks’, ‘Peckham Pantry’, ‘Women’s Services’, ‘Together Wellbeing’, ‘Employment Support’ and more.




The Health Show CIC: An organisation that supports people diagnosed with cancer in Southwark and across London and Sierra Leone. A first point of contact for people facing different forms of health adversities and bereavement support.


The Health Show CIC