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R..E.A.C.H. Alliance Network Event – Tackling Health Inequalities

R..E.A.C.H. Alliance Network Event – Tackling Health Inequalities

Published on 30th November 2023 under Blog Topic - Community News, Our News,
This event focused on *Hearing from BAME Community leaders on their inspiring work tackling health inequalities in their community, *Influencing South East London ICS and Partnership Southwark (health partners) on what needs to be done to address these challenges, * And finally planning how the REACH Alliance Network’s model should be structured and what key […]

The Power of Listening: Reflections on a Year of Membership and Outreach Work.

Published on 27th November 2023 under Blog Topic - Our News,
By truly hearing what our members say, I have built trust, established meaningful connections, and made a positive impact. From gaining valuable feedback and suggestions, our team is growing and developing further resources and support to promote change and build capacity.  

Community Southwark Annual General Meeting AGM 2023 – for voting

Published on 24th November 2023 under Blog Topic - Our News,
Celebrate and collaborate with Community Southwark. The formal agenda, minutes and annual report are below, and members will be asked to vote on approving the minutes and the annual report.

A chat with Cedric for Trustees’ Week

Published on 8th November 2023 under Blog Topic - Case Studies, Community News, Our News,
Trustees' Week 2023 is upon us, and it's the perfect occasion to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible individuals who play a vital role in steering the success of charities and nonprofit organisations across Southwark. Our brilliant Community Southwark trustees, Cedric, breaks down what trustees do and answers some questions about what being a trustee means to him.

Community Southwark’s achievements and progress for 2022/2023

Published on 1st November 2023 under Blog Topic - Our News,
Our 2022-23 impact report has just been published. Be one of the first to read it! You can also watch our amazing progress on 'Funding' as part of our State of the Sector report.

An Events Round up for Trustee Week 2023

Published on 31st October 2023 under Blog Topic - Events, Our News,
Trustee Week is a chance to celebrate and promote the essential role Trustees play in supporting and guiding charities. We've put together a round up of events taking place next week, whether you're interested in becoming a trustee yourself or looking to support trustees at your organisation. 

Update on funding differently: neighbourhood health grants

Published on 17th October 2023 under Blog Topic - Community News, Our News, Uncategorised,
Find out how our grant pilot that seeks to make funding processes more accessible and transparent has progressed and find out how you can apply to the next round.

Latin American Network Strategy Away Day 11.09.2023

Published on 25th September 2023 under Blog Topic - Our News,
The Latin American Network comprises of 15 voluntary and community groups that come together to share good practices, address challenges, campaign for tackling health inequalities, be the voice of their community, and much more. The Latin American Network is now at a stage where they would like to evolve as a network to advocate for change and work in partnership to support the Latin American Community. Thanks to the help of our corporate partner ZS Associates - the Latin American Network had its first 'Strategy Away Day'.

Our membership and outreach support – Success Story

Published on 29th September 2023 under Blog Topic - Case Studies, Our News,
Our Membership and Outreach Officer, Gosia, has been with us for over ten months. Her work has been crucial in building strong links with our members and tying together all the teams’ work.  

September’s Southwark Volunteer Story – Team Day with Better Bankside

Published on 20th September 2023 under Blog Topic - Community News, Our News,
Community Southwark is beginning a new chapter to help its corporate partners make the biggest impact for their staff and the charities and community groups across the borough.