Become an Amici host with London Charity Standing Tall

London charity called Standing Tall matches individuals who have experienced homelessness with a stable, living wage job within local businesses.

They are currently looking to recruit residents of Southwark who have a spare room and spare empathy to become one of their “Amici” hosts.

The team will support you by paying £700 p/m for 6 months to welcome a person who is in full-time work and has fallen on tough times.

The Standing Tall model has worked successfully in Birmingham over the last 18 months and the team are keen to bring that success to the London community. Homelessness is a widespread concern in London and, with the current cost of living crisis, it’s difficult to see how it can improve however, our model has proven it can make life-changing differences and we can sustainably reduce homelessness one person at a time.

There is an immense amount of talent on the streets and homeless shelters of London and it’s Standing Tall’s job to find it!

Becoming an Amici host is a practical and safe way to really make an impact on our local community to alleviate homelessness and help change someone’s life for the better, as well as earning an extra income in our current cost of living crisis.

Go to for more info on becoming an Amici host!