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Afghanistan Appeal: Help in Southwark needed!

The Afghan refugees in the bridging hotels in Southwark still need your help.

The situation still hasn’t changed for many of the Afghan refugees who are still living in bridging hotels in Southwark, waiting for housing either in the borough or across the country. They really need your love and support. We now have three incredibly dedicated organisations, Southwark Refugee ForumSouthwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers and Panjshir Aid working with local authority and the home office to ensure that the refugees are fully supported thoroughly through their resettlement journey.

There are many ways you can still help!

Please see below:____________________________________________________

SPACE needed!
We really need space where the refugees can go to gather, socialise, do activities and be a safe place that is outside of the four walls of their hotel rooms. ___________________________________________________

VOLUNTEER needed to help write funding bids!

As you are aware funding is a real issue of us all and due to capacity often organisations are just volunteer-led and do not have the time or capacity to run the organisation and do all the administration. That is why Panjshir Aid is in need of bid writing volunteers.

If you can help with any of the above then please do contact Hadi on british-afghan-society@mail.com  ____________________________________________________

DONATE to give support on the groundThere are many organisations on the ground in Afghanistan that despite the dangerous situation continue to help and give supplies and support to vulnerable families. They just need money to do this.To DONATE please see here: PANJSHIR AID Become a LEAD SPONSOR

Are you a local group that would like to support volunteers to welcome refugees into their community? You can with Reset Communities.