Community Southwark is governed by a number of company directors, collectively known as the Board of Trustees.

Trustees are elected at Annual General Meetings.

Our Board of Trustees is represented by a number of individuals who have extensive knowledge of Southwark’s voluntary and community sector and bring a diverse mix of skills to the board, including: legal, finance, health, local residents, employment and training.

The board meets on a quarterly basis to discuss the strategic direction of the organisation, financial matters, operational and human resource issues.

Our Trustees

Nicki Howard
Sarah Gibb
Trustee Board Member
M. Chris Wilson
Cedric Whilby
Trustee Board Member
Christopher Henry
Trustee Board Member
John Cox
Trustee Board Member
Mason Elliott
Trustee Board Member
Pedro Gil
Trustee Board Member
Peter Redfern
Trustee Board Member