Introducing Community Southwark

What is Community Southwark?

We are the umbrella body for the volunteering and community sector in Southwark. We support charities, community groups and individuals through: capacity building, volunteering and social action.

So what is our ambition?

We want Southwark communities that have the ability and opportunities to fulfil and exceed their potential.

We are determined to achieve this by creating strong foundations that support all voluntary and community organisations, communities and individuals in Southwark to work together to improve practice, shape futures and change lives.

At the core of this ambition lies social action. To us, it means supporting and enabling others to take steps to change the things in Southwark and to introduce new ideas and ways of working that benefits everyone.

Download our strategy - Building Strong Foundations 16-19

What are we going to do to achieve that ambition?

We will build strong foundations for organisations and individuals

In three years we want to have made a measurable improvement in the capacity and capabilities of organisations and individuals to deliver the best outcomes in their communities.

We will support increased community involvement, participation and influence

Over three years we want the process of volunteering, getting involved in a community setting or influencing decision makers to become easier, more accessible and valued.

We will support greater co-operation and sharing

Within three years we want to see significant changes in how we work together (across and between sectors) in a way that is supportive, non-competitive and focused on outcomes; not budgets.

We will have improved investment in communities

Within three years we will have forged new relationships with business and other sectors to create new ways of supporting communities to grow and thrive.

We are being ambitious and have set ourselves some really challenging outcomes. To be honest, the voluntary and community sector, volunteers or people who want to become involved in their communities should expect nothing less from us. If we are successful and achieve all that we want, Southwark will be all the richer and if we fail it won't be through want of trying.  

Get in touch, tell others about what we are trying to do and most of all tell us what you want from us. 

Community Southwark is partly funded and supported by Southwark Council and City of London:

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