Introduction to the Trusted Charity and Trusted Charity Mark (formerly PQASSO)

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What is the Trusted Charity and Trusted Charity Mark and how can Trusted Charity help your organisation to be stronger and more effective at what it does!

Trusted Charity (formerly PQASSO) is a quality assurance system that is designed to help you run your organisation effectively and efficiently.

The system has been created by and for the voluntary sector, and covers all areas of an organisation's structure and operations, from governance to service delivery and monitoring your outcomes.

Come and find out more about Trusted Charity and what it can help your organisation achieve.

Trusted Charity Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • know the benefits of implementing Trusted Charity as your quality standard
  • have a clear understanding of how to prepare and apply for a Trusted Charity Mark assessment
  • understand the Trusted Charity Mark assessment process
  • be familiar with the support material to enable you develop and achieve the standard

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