Fundraising and Beyond - diversify and grow your income - 3 Oct

03October 201710:00


Cambridge House,1 Addington Square, SE5 0HF

This is an introductory two-part workshop covering the key elements of developing an Income Generation Strategy. It is targeted at people in small charities, community groups, faith groups and social enterprises providing a substantial proportion of their services to the people of Southwark.

You are eligible to attend:

  • if you are a trustee/management committee member/staff member of an organisation that has been delivering services and activities for at least one year and has received at least one grant and has an annual income of between £5,000 and £100,000

  • if you want to increase the income of your organisation and develop its services and activities

What will you learn?

A fundraising strategy is an essential tool that will enable you to prioritise your funding needs and identify prospective funding resources.

In this workshop you will learn about the steps involved in developing a Income Generation Strategy and top tips to successful income generation. You will look at:

  • What goes into a Income Generation Strategy

  • The different options for income generation

  • The building blocks supporting a good strategy