Communicate your impact using case studies - by Superhighways - 26 Sep 2017

26September 201710:00


Cambridge House

Communicating the real difference that your organisation makes has never been so important – and letting the people you support tell your story can inspire the greatest trust in your work.

Find out how to create and use compelling case studies in your communications so you can demonstrate your achievements to your funders, supporters and beneficiaries.

You’ll learn about what makes a great case study, how to interview (including on the go), using images effectively and the digital tools that can help you create and share your content.

Is this training for me?
This course is for anyone working in a charity or community organisation that wants to work with their beneficiaries to clearly communicate success.

By the end of this session you’ll know how to:

  • Identify the elements that make a successful case study
  • Use audio tools and best practice techniques when interviewing
  • Use privacy and permissions best practice
  • Select digital tools to create and present your case studies

You’ll also go away with ideas of how to get the most from your completed case studies and share them in lots of different ways.

This training session will be designed and delivered by Superhighways 

Sorrel Parsons is an ICT Development Worker at Superhighways with 10 + years of supporting voluntary and community organisations and volunteers in the UK, including working with media volunteer case studies to inform policy and research at a national level. Sorrel is a fan of making digital work on a shoestring.

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This workshop is free for voluntary and community organisations, but booking is essential! PLease book your space below: