*State of the Sector* July Survey Responses

*State of the Sector* July Survey Responses

Community Southwark is here to represent Southwark's voluntary and community sector to the Council, the NHS and other decision makers. We want to ensure that we advocate for changes that are in your interests.

We also exist to support the sector to thrive despite the challenges that may lie ahead of us at this difficult time. This is why it's realy important that you tell us what your needs are so that we can help you. We are therefore running a monthy *State of the Sector* survey - (we will be sending out the link to our August survey shortly).

We are running this monthly survey, as it allows us to keep track of changes in the sector and represent you accurately in day-to-day meetings that we attend and where it matters. We will share the results with you and keep you up-to-date on the changes that decsion makers agree to and the support that we put in place in response to your needs.

Monthly survey results:

  • Please see insights from our first Needs Assessment survey here which we used to shape our covid-19 support response
  • Please see the results from our July Sate of the Sector survey here

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