Southwark Community Hub Review: *Important Survey*

Southwark Community Hub Review: *Important Survey*

In March 2020, the council worked in partnership with the voluntary and community and health sectors in Southwark to set up and run a Community Hub to meet the needs of vulnerable residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This was an extraordinary and unprecedented collaboration and an incredible effort across the partnership. It established a substantial new service in a matter of days that has now been running providing vital support for residents for over three months.

The council and partners have agreed that the Community Hub will continue to operate as it is until the 30 September, 2020. During this time the council and partners will work together to review the Hub’s operation and make recommendations on a way forward for implementation from October 2020.

*Please make sure that your voice is heard by filling in this quick Survey*

This review will take evidence from residents, the VCS, NHS and council and make recommendations on:

  • The best model to continue to provide the extra support vulnerable Southwark residents need during the COVID-19 pandemic post September 2020
  • How this model can be taken forward in a way that maximises the longer term legacy for our communities and makes the most of the incredible community and volunteering effort that arose from the crisis
  • How we can ensure this work helps to address the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on BAME communities

The council will be working with Community Southwark to ensure ideas and feedback from the wider voluntary and community sector are fed into the review, alongside feedback from residents. The review will be led by a cross sector review group, with the following membership:  

  • Chair - Cllr Kieron Williams (Cabinet Member for Housing & Modernisation)
  • Cllr Evelyn Akoto (Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Public Health)
  • Hayley Ormandy (NHS)
  • Cathy Deplessis (Southwark Pensioners)
  • Mike Wilson (Pembroke House)
  • Chris Mikata-Pralat (Community Southwark)

Council Officers:

  • Michael Scorer (Strategic Director for Housing & Modernisation
  • Stephen Douglass (Director of Communities)
  • Dominic Cain (Director of Exchequer)
  • Richard Selley (Director of Customer Experience)
  • Pauline O’Hare (Director of Adult Social Care)
  • Alex Irvine (Community Support Manager)
  • Sylvia Garry/Rosie Dalton Lucas (Public Health)

Community Southwark is now seeking views of the local Voluntary and Community Sector on the future of the Hub. Please make sure that yours are heard by filling in this quick Survey.

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