Staff & Volunteers

Staff and Volunteers (including trustees) are the lifeblood of voluntary sector organisations, no matter how big or small. It is therefore vital to be aware of the distinction between volunteers and employees, have the right policies and procedures in place and provide the appropriate support.

If you need support with Human Resources, staff and volunteers contact our Development Team, We can:
• Offer one to one support and advice, signposting you to useful resources
• Sustainability Surgeries
• Support organisations to find appropriate quality marks

Information about DBS Checking

Community Southwark do not recommend anyone in particular to undertake DBS checks for your organisation. You can use the GOV.UK umbrella body finder:

Our members* also tell us of places they have used and found to be good. Here are some we have been told about:

*If you have discovered a good company for DBS checks, please do let us know

Community Southwark Resources:

Community Southwark Resources - Governance & Leadership: fact sheets and resources to ensure good governance & leadership for your staff & volunteers.

Community Southwark Resources - Safeguarding: fact sheets and resources to support you with Safeguarding

Chief Executive Remuneration: a brief overview of the arguments around CEO remuneration and good practice.

Disclosure and Barring Service: a brief overview of DBS checks with further resources

Equality, Diversity & Human Rights: A quick guide to equality, diversity, human rights and how to apply them to your workplace

Example Recruitment Procdure: a basic outline of procedure when recruiting for smaller organisations

Learning Needs Analysis: A quick guide to doing a learning needs analysis for your organisation

Minute Taking: a concise look at how to write minutes with tips and templates as well as further resources.

Running Effective Meetings: a quick overview of how to run meetings effectively

Sample Complaints Procedure: A model policy outlining a procedure for managing complaints from service users or other stakeholders of an organisation.

Sample Confidentiality Policy:  A model policy which covers all aspects of confidentiality within a voluntary organisation which covers disclosure, data protection and safeguarding issues.

Sample Conflict of Interest Policy:  A model policy which helps organisations to manage potential conflicts of interests arising for Trustees, paid staff and volunteers.

Sample Equal Opportunities Policy: A model policy to help organisations manage equal opportunities within the organisation, with extra resources.

Sample Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form: A template that can be used by your organisation when monitoring equal opportunities.

Sample Health & Safety Policy: A model policy to help organisations manage ehealth and safety within the organisation, with extra resources.


External Resources:

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