Finding appropriate and affordable premises is a challenge for many new and emerging organisations as well as those that are well established. Community Southwark gathers information about available community premises in the borough and coordinates sharing of good practice information between organisations that manage premises in the borough. Below you can find useful liks and resources to help with your premises questions. If you would like any further information please contact

If you would like to search for available premises in Southwark, please visit the Organisations and Venues page

Community Southwark Useful Resources

Community Southwark Resources - Collaboration: factsheets and resources looking at how you can work in collaboration

How to get the most out of your assets: A quick overview of how to make the most of what you have

Lease Negotiations for Tenants: This outlines the areas in a lease that a tenant is able to negotiate on and things to consider.

Tenant and Landlord Rights and Obligations: This factsheet outlines the obligations and rights of tenants and landlords when signing up to a new lease

What is the 'Community Right to Bid'?: A quick overview of one of the community rights introduced by the Localism Act 

External Resources

Ethical Property Foundation: The Ethical property foundation offers independent, ethical advice and training to help charities and voluntary groups rent, buy, let or manage their property.

Lawworks: Lawworks is a charity that aims to give free legal advice to individuals and community groupswho cannot afford to pay for it. They offer free legal assistance, online advice and legal factsheets

Neighbourhood Planning: a website aimed at supporting communities to understand and get involved in neighbouthood planning. For other planning information take a look at our Neighbourhoods and Planning page.

Southwark Council Premises Map: a map showing all the publically maintained buildings in the Borough. Some of these have meeting rooms or conference facilities.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors: RICS provide 1 hour free lagal support and guidance on lease renewals and tenancies, planning issues, property maintainence and environmental issues.


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