Planning your future needs

No matter how large or small, all organisations need to plan. Strategic and business planning helps to highlight opportunities and challenges, and try to see in advance what needs to be done to achieve the best for your beneficiaries. Planning provides your organisation with space to think about the direction of the organisation and provides a road map for getting there. It helps you to get funding, articulate why you exist, measure your value, and enables you to use resources effectively.

Planning can be simple and straightforward. It can be a creative process that brings demonstrable benefits. There is a direct link between effective planning and long-term sustainability. As such, it is the first step towards a more robust and sustainable organisation.

In planning it is important to consider questions such as: what impact do you want to have? What services do you want to provide? Do you want to expand? Will you need to incorporate?

If you need support with your organisational planning contact our Development Team, We can:

  • Facilitate strategic away days

  • Offer 1:1 support and advice, signposting you to useful resources

  • Provide tools and techniques to enable you to plan more effectively

  • Provide training and other consultancy, supporting you to develop and implement plans

  • Support you to involve your staff and beneficiaries in the planning process

  • Sustainability Surgeries – talk us through your plans for practical feedback

Community Southwark Useful Resources

Community Southwark Resources - Evaluation & Impact: Fact sheets and resources to help you evaluate the impact of your programmes, helping you plan for the future

Community Southwark Resources - Governance & Leadership: fact sheets and resources to ensure good governance & leadership and support planning.

Community Southwark Resources - Managing your finances: no future can be secure without good financial management. Here are fact sheets and resources to help you plan.

Community Southwark Resources - ForeCASt: Preparing for the future: fact sheets, resources and information to help you understand the environment in which you are working and to support future scoping exercises

A very Quick Guide to Business Planning: a brief overview of what is contained in a business plan

Assessing & Managing Risk: a brief factsheet providing an insight into risk management and introducing some tools that can be used for assessing and managing risk.

Event Planning: a quick, easy guide to planning an event

Project Planning: an easy to use guide to planning a project

Questions to consider when writing a business plan: some quick qestions to get you started on your business plan

Theory of Change - A quick overview: A diagram outlining how the Theory of Change process works to create stategic planning with Impact at its heart.

The Strategy Tree: A visual guide to strategy and the links between each aspect.


External Resources

New Philanthropy Capital: Provide indepth guidance on using the 'Theory of Change' process which can be used to identify the impact you want to achieve and how you can measure and show progress towards impact.

KnowHow NonProfit: Has some interesting pages on strategy for non-profits and strategic analysis tools.

CASS Business School Centre for Charity Effectiveness: These 'tools for success' guides provide useful introductions to key areas of organisational sustainability for charities. The guide on 'Direction' has useful tips on Strategic planning.

DIY Development Impact & You: Provides practical tools to trigger and support social innovation. 

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