Health and disability

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Here you can find factsheets about health issues in Southwark, and links to sources of further information about health here and across the UK.

Factsheets about Southwark

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) brings together detailed information on health in Southwark. It is an ongoing process rather than a finished single document. We recommend that you get familiar with the JSNA via its website at, which will be updated continually. 

Overviews and general reports

Healthy People in Healthy Places: Annual Public Health Report of the Director of Health and Wellbeing 2017

Accompanying sldes for 2017

Our Borough, 2018: Public health summary for Southwark

Annual Report of the Director of Public Health 2016 (Southwark)

Annual Report of the Director of Public Health 2016 statistical bulletin (Southwark)

Southwark health profile 2017

Southwark health profile 2014
Southwark health summary 2013
Southwark wellbeing factsheet 2014
Southwark life expectancy factsheet 2014
Reducing early deaths: the role of primary care (2010)
Pharmaceutical needs assessment (2011)

The social determinants of health and health inequalities

Marmot Indicators (2017). Profiles for Southwark in 2014 and 2015 can be found here.
Profile of socio-economic determinants of health during the economic downturn
The wider determinants of health 
Older people’s housing and the impact on health (JSNA 2012)

Local strategies and performance

Southwark Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2015-2020

Southwark Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2013/14
Review of Southwark Council’s performance in adult social care 2012/13


Older people

Older people’s JSNA – summary (JSNA 2012)
Background: the older population (JSNA 2012)
Prevention of ill health in older people (JSNA 2012)
Protection and safeguarding of older people (JSNA 2012)
Older people’s mental health (including dementia) (JSNA 2012)
Older people’s physical health (JSNA 2012)
COPD in older people (JSNA 2012)
Diabetes in older people (JSNA 2012)
Stroke in older people (JSNA 2012)
Older carers (JSNA 2012)
Unplanned care needs of older people (JSNA 2012)
End of life care for older people (JSNA 2012)
Mortality among older people (JSNA 2012)
Older people living independently (JSNA 2012)
Support for independent living by older people (JSNA 2012)
Older people’s housing and the impact on health (JSNA 2012)


Carers’ health (JSNA 2008)
Older carers (JSNA 2012

Valuing Carers in Southwark

Carers Strategy 

Children and young people

Activities for children and young people in Southwark:A strategy for 2017-2020

Children and Young People's Public Health in Southwark (2015)
Healthy schools report (2014)
Child health profile (2014) - there is a Community Southwark summary here
Early years (JSNA 2009)
CYP aged 6-12 (JSNA 2009)
CYP aged 13-18 (JSNA 2009)
Vulnerable children (JSNA 2009)
CYP diabetes profile (2010)
Oral health of schoolchildren (2008)
Teenage pregnancy snapshot
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services needs assessment (2012) and service snapshot
Children with Disabilities needs assessment (2011) and service snapshot (2011)
Sesame Street Autism Resources for Parents
Reduce the Noise: Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping
Sensory Processing Resources
Estate Planning for Special Needs Kids

Commissioning for Young People in Southwark 2016

Ofsted Inspection of services for children in need of help and protection, children looked after and care leavers and Review of the effectiveness of the Local Safeguarding Children Board - 2017


Maternity needs assessment and Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention Toolkit
Teenage pregnancy snapshot


Learning disabilities profile (2013)
Speech and language impairment needs assessment
Adults with learning disabilities (JSNA 2013)
Adults with physical and sensory impairment (JSNA 2009)
Children with disabilities needs assessment (2011) and service snapshot (2011)
The benefits of employing individuals with autism

Alcohol, drugs and smoking

Smoking (JSNA 2009)
Tobacco Control Profile (2010)
Alcohol Needs Assessment (2011)
Substance misuse (JSNA 2009)

Mental health

Community mental health profile (2013)
Older people’s mental health (JSNA 2012)
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services needs assessment (2012) and service snapshot
Solidarity in Crisis
Cassiobury Court offers free help and advice for veterans who suffer with addiction and mental health problems

Oral health

Oral health needs assessment (c2004)
Oral health of schoolchildren (2008)


Diabetes profile (2013)
Diabetes in children and young people profile (2010)
Diabetes in older people (JSNA 2012)

Hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular and coronary disease

Cardiovascular disease profile (2014)
Hypertension (JSNA 2008)
Coronary heart disease in older people (JSNA 2012)
Stroke in older people (JSNA 2012)
Public health report on coronary heart disease and stroke (2008)
Substance abuse and cardiovascular disease

Respiratory disease

Respiratory health (JSNA 2009)
COPD pathway profile (2011)
COPD in older people (JSNA 2012)

Cancer (JSNA 2009)

Chronic kidney disease (JSNA 2009)

Vaccination and immunisation snapshot

Obesity snapshot (c2013)

Everybody’s Business Southwark Healthy Weight Strategy 2016-2021

Sexual health (JSNA 2009)


Other sources of data

Here are some other sources of data around health and care from government and non-government sources. These enable you to view Southwark (and often ward-level) data and compare it with that for other areas.

  • The Census 2011 included information about people's health status, long-term conditions and disability, and provision of unpaid care. Data can be compared across different areas and population groups and based on people's answers to other questions. For help on accessing Census and other ONS data click here.
  • The GLA provides clear London-level summaries, often with borough-level data, of Census statistics including health status.
  • As well as overall deprivation, the indices of deprivation give scores for health/disability deprivation at Lower Super Output Area level and by local authority. The last figures are from 2010 but new ones will be released in summer 2015.
  • London’s Poverty Profile includes a variety of indicators, including many relevant to health (life expectancy inequality, childhood obesity, GP services, premature death, illness/disability, infant deaths, underage pregnancy).
  • London Mapper presents statistics in map format or as figures. The Health maps give information about alcohol, smoking, healthy eating, physical activity, blindness and deafness, cancer, heart disease, TB, hip fractures, obesity, infant deaths, teenage conceptions, suicide, winter deaths, and life expectancy.
  • London-level and borough-level data from the GLA
  • Public Health England’s Data Gateway links to a wide range of data and tools, including content on the websites of the former Public Health Observatories (which are now part of PHE).
  • NHS Digital: enter your topic of interest and data type and search.
  • NHS England statistics (largely about services and performance rather than need)
  • Government statistics and reports can be searched by keyword, department (eg Department of Health) or topic (eg  public health)
  • Environmental Health Atlas shows relative risk factors and certain diseases by area down to ward level.
  • Marie Curie End of Life Care Atlas helps commissioners to plan for local end of life services.


National-level statistics

The following are national-level but often detailed statistics.

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