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Here you can find links to sources of data about education in Southwark and across the UK.

Sources of data on education in London boroughs

These enable you to view Southwark (and often ward-level) data and compare it with that for other areas.

  • The 2011 Census included information about people's economic activity (including students) and qualifications. Data can be compared across different areas and population groups and based on people's answers to other questions. For help on accessing Census and other ONS data click here.
  • The GLA provides clear London-level summaries across age ranges often with borough-level data,  including qualifications data.
  • As well as overall deprivation, the indices of deprivation give scores for the dimension of education, skills and training at Lower Super Output Area level (a small neighbourhood area – see atlas), and by local authority. The last figures are from 2010 but new ones will be released in summer 2015.
  • London’s Poverty Profile gives data for different London boroughs and includes a variety of indicators relevant to education (early years development, primary school availability, attainment at ages 11 and 16, and 19-year-olds lacking qualifications).
  • London Mapper presents statistics in map format or as figures. The Education maps given data on numbers of children at different school levels, and whether they are native English speakers.
  • Government statistics and reports can be searched by keyword, department (eg Department for Education) or topic (eg further education and skills, higher education, schools).


National-level statistics

The following are national-level but often detailed statistics.


Reports about individual local schools

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