Income Generation

Where does the income that enables your organisation to do its work come from?

Many voluntary and community  organisations receive grant funding from trusts and foundations and local authorities; some might also generate income through selling their services or developing partnerships with corporate sponsors.

There is a wide range of ways in which voluntary sector organisations can generate income and, to be a strong and sustainable organisation, it is good to consider a diverse range of income streams.

Income diversification is particularly important as funding from all directions comes under pressure. On top of existing cuts, central government plans to continue to cut spending, regardless of who wins the 2015 General Election. As a result, Southwark Council will continue to reduce its budget, at an even faster rate, at least until 2018. This inevitably means cuts in grant and contract funding to local VCOs. With continued low interest rates, funders like trusts and foundations are also under even more pressure to make their grants as effective as possible. Donations from the public and the private sector are stagnant. The costs of running an organisation are rising. Organisations need to take action now to stay sustainable.

If you need support with your organisational income generation and fundraising contact our Development Team, We can:

  • Help you identify suitable sources of income generation for your organisation

  • Offer one-to-one support and advice

  • Provide feedback on a funding application

  • Help you develop a fundraising strategy

Community Southwark can also provide support around collaboration to help you make your resources go further, to help you prove need, and  assess and demonstrate the value of what you do to funders.

Useful Resources

Community Southwark Resources - Commissioning: a page packed full of everything you need to know about commissioning

Community Southwark Resources - Information about Southwark: information and resources to help you do your research when writing a funding bid, marketing etc.

Community Southwark Resources - Managing your finances: fact sheets and resources to help you manage your finances.

Community Southwark Resources - Personalisation: facts sheets and resources to help you understand Personalisation and how to generate income through personal budgets

An Introduction to Social Investment?: An explanation of social finance; how to decide whether it would be relevant for your organisation, and how to become 'investment ready'.

Crowdfunding for Community Groups: Crowdfunding is a form of microfinance where large numbers of people make small donations towards new projects or start up enterprises. this guide outlines what crowdfunding is and things to consider if using it to raise finance for your project.

Developing a Fundraising Strategy: This outlines the process to go through to develop a fundraising strategy for your organisation

Developing a sustainable income approach: This fact sheet provides an comprehensive overview of the income spectrum and related tools

Do’s and Don’ts when completing a grant funding application: A quick overview of the key do's and don't when completing a grant application.

Grant funders with rolling deadlines: This PDF is a list of trusts and Foundations with Rolling deadlines. it will be updated every few months by Community Southwark. Please note: This is not comprehensive and should not be used as the only source of funding research, but provides a good indication of a range of trusts and foundations that may be relevant to groups in Southwark.

Guide to Writing a Funding Application: This provides an outline of the key sections of a grant funding application and the information you will need to apply for grant funding

How to Claim Gift Aid: Gift Aid increases the value of donations to charities by allowing them to claim back basic rate of tax on the donation.

How to Prove Need: being able to articulate and evidence the need for your project is an important attribute of any type of fundraising. This guide provides information on things to research to prove the need and useful sources of evidence.

Income Generation Quiz: Take a quick quiz to look at the state of your fundraising and how you can increase your income diversity.

Introduction to Community Fundraising: A guide to fundraising for small often volunteer led groups.

Implications of charity trading: An introductory guide to charity trading, the legal implications

Making the most of your assets: how to reduce the costs and increase the income associated with your premises, utilities etc. See also lease negotiation.

Pricing your services for full cost recovery: particularly useful for those dealing with personalisation of budgets.

Top 10 Tips To Make your Marathon Fundraising Campaign a Success: a quick overview for those running for charity

External Resources

Funding central: Run by NCVO, Funding Central is searchable comprehensive database of avilable grants, loans and other finance. The site also contains useful resources on different types of funding.

Institute of Fundraising: The professional membership body for UK fundraising. The IOF site has useful good practice guidance on different types of fundraising.

Fit4Funding: Provides access to funding searches and training. They have a useful e-bulletin that you can subscribe to with a variety of funding opportunities.

KnowHow NonProfit: The NCVO knowledge bank, has useful advice and guidance on different types of fundraising.



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