Evaluation & Impact

Monitoring and evaluation help us to measure the impact of our work. It’s often seen as over-complicated and tedious, and therefore many people avoid it. But measuring impact should form an essential part of any project.  


Incorporating impact into what you do doesn’t have to be scary or time-consuming. It’s not just about crunching numbers, ticking boxes or pleasing funders. It should be a creative continual process. If you embrace monitoring and evaluation, you can maximise the difference you’re making and better prove to others that you’re having an amazing impact. 


Projects and organisations can hugely benefit from: 


  • Planning out how to achieve your desired impact. This can be done by creating a theory of change – the story of how your project is making a difference – as well as developing relevant outcomes and outputs  

  • Deciding how to measure progress towards your goals. You could do this by creating indicators 

  • Monitoring: choosing tools to collect information on your indicators, and using them throughout the project’s lifecycle. Tools could include surveys, interviews and focus groups 

  • Evaluating: making sense of the data you’ve collected and using it to improve your work 

Below you will find PDF guides on each of these elements which are part of Community Southwark’s resource series on Impact and Evaluation. 


Do you need help with impact and evaluation? 


We offer one-to-one support and group training which is free to Community Southwark members and available, at a cost, to non-members. Please see our training calendar here.

We are also able to offer independent project evaluations and bespoke workshops/training at our consultancy fee. 


If you would like any support with your impact and evaluation practices, please contact the Development Team at:


Four-part guide to impact and evaluation 


Other related resources from Community Southwark 


External resources 

The resources below provide general guidance on monitoring and evaluation. Please look within the guides above for links related to specific topics. 


  • Better evaluationwide range of information about evaluation methodologies and practices

  • NCVO: great resources to guide you through impact and evaluation practices



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