Governance & Leadership

Community Southwark believes that at the heart of every effective organisation is a strong and skilled management committee, which has the expertise to make the right decisions for the organisation and its beneficiaries.

Those excellent people at the top of the organisation,  whether you call them trustees, management committee members or board members, need to have support and access to information to make the right decisions for the organisation.

Related to good governance is good leadership, and this applies not only to the board of an organisation but also to the cheif executive and senior managers who all have to make important decisions and manage change to create the best outcomes for beneficiaries.

Community Southwark can offer a range of advice, support and information to sustain good governance and leadership in your organisation. Contact the Development Team, to find out about:

  • One-to-one support and advice

  • Governance Reviews and other consultancy

  • Relevant training

  • Peer support opportunities facilitated by Community Southwark

Useful Resources

Community Southwark Resources - Managing your finances: fact sheets and resources to help you manage your finances

Community Southwark Resources - Planning your future needs: fact sheets and resources to help you get on with strategic planning, business planning and much more.

Adopting a Quality Assurance System in your Organisation: A brief overview of Quality Assurance and how your organisation can get a quality mark

Do you have the right governing document?: Provides a brief synopsis of the different types of governing documents and common mistakes to look out for.

Getting the relationship right: Chief Executive & Trustees: a brief overview of good practice when it comes to the relationship between the most senior member of staff in the organisation and the management committee

Good Governance Quiz: take our quick quiz to find out moe about where your governance is and how you can strengthen it.

Governance or Management: Knowing the difference: An easy to read factsheet providing useful hints and tips to support your organisation to understand the key difference between governance and management.

How to Write Reports for the Board of Trustees & Other Committees: a helpful fact sheet ful of hints and tips for writing reports fr your board/management committee.

Managing Conflicts of Interest: Provides a quick overview of what conflicts of interest are and how they can be managed

Policies and Procedures Checklist: a useful checklist of key policies for any organisation, those you have to have to comply with law and those that are good practice to have

Running Committees: a brief overview of what committees are, how they can be managed and how to run effective committees.

Specific Governing Body Roles - Chair: an overview of the specific role and responsibilities of the Chair to support recruitment and induction

Specific Governing Body Roles - Treasurer: an overview of the specific role and responsibilities of the Treasurer to support recruitment and induction

Suggested Trustee Role Descriptions: basic templates for role descriptions for the various members of the board.

Trustee Handbook: Provides a guide to what should be included in a Trustee Induction Handbook.

Trustee Liability: An overview of what trustee liability means, in what circumstances could a trustee be liable and ways to limit trustee liability.

What does being a patron mean?: Provides an overview of what it means to be a patron and how organisations can use a patron

Working Overseas: a brief overview of some key factors to take into consideration when working overseas.

External Resources

The Government: This website provides lots of links to key information for those starting up an organisation, managing a charity or for trustees. The "Essential Trustee" publication is especially useful for Trustees.

ACEVO: The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, ACEVO provide advice, support and networking events for CEOs and senior managers of Charities. They also have a Crisis helpline. 

Code of Good Governance: Outlines 7 key principles of good governance. A useful tool in undertaking a governance review for your organisation, or to support trustees in understanding their role.

Association of Chairs: Provides networking events, resources and support for Chairs of voluntary sector organisations.

KnowHow NonProfit: This is NCVO's (National Council of Voluntary Organisations) knowledge portal. it contains useful pages of information on most aspects of organisational management.

Sports Governance - A new Code for Sports Governance sets out the levels of transparency, accountability and financial integrity that will be required from those who ask for Government and National Lottery funding from April 2017.



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