Southwark grassroots sports

Southwark grassroots sports

Innovating the way people find and book Southwark’s grassroots sports venues will benefit the local community.

Grassroots sports and activities play a huge role in local communities all around the capital. Southwark has a rich history of grassroots sport and there is a total of 350 facilities where locals can engage in physical activities and meet others in the community. Tabard Gardens and Globe Academy are two of the most highly regarded within the borough.

Sport England, alongside London Sport, understand the importance of venues in keeping people moving and leading healthy lifestyles. One major part of their remit is encouraging as many people as possible to get involved in sports by making activities more accessible. The government bodies have cited technology as a key means to achieve their goals.

London Sport’s recent survey into participation levels around Southwark revealed that 34% of the borough are involved in at least one 30-minute exercise session each week. This can be improved on and technology has the power to hit greater numbers.

MyLocalPitch ( came into existence in January 2014 to provide an easier way for Londoners to find and book sports venues. Takeaway, accommodation and taxi industries have taken the lead in creating search and booking portals for services and they have seen huge growth as a result - this same impact can be achieved within sport.

The grassroots sports industry is quickly making up for lost time by adapting to the impulsive nature of how society wish to order products or services. Making it easier to find and book a football pitch or netball court means more people have the opportunity to become active. This improves the service for regular sports players, but perhaps more importantly, helps the less active who were discouraged by the old fragmented system.

Grassroots venues are listed on the platform based purely on location and facilities onsite to ensure independent centres and more established organisations are given equal footing. Making it simpler to book physical activities means more Southwark locals regularly enjoying sports and venues reap the benefits from greater booking numbers.

A way to make the search and booking journey even more streamline has been through creating bespoke borough pages. Southwark’s ( allows locals to explore venues and facilities like Tabard Gardens based in the area.

This speeds up the process for users and venues know that their facilities are being marketed to the most relevant active audience.

It’s an ideal solution to make people aware of new pitch installations, late availability options or local leagues and competitions being run.

Once a Southwark facility is integrated onto the search and booking platform through an Application Programming Interface (API) they can make the most of an intuitive back-end system to handle any online enquiries and bookings. This helps handle admin tasks and lets venue staff dedicate more time to providing the best customer service possible.

Using technology to innovate how people find and book grassroots sports helps Southwark locals play more sport and that brings improved revenues for venues in the borough. Search and booking portals for grassroots sports helps Southwark residents get into physical activity and keeps the venues in good health too.

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