Southwark Giving: Some news and updates!

Southwark Giving: Some news and updates!

Southwark Giving: Where Are We So Far?

We last wrote about Southwark Giving - the place-based local giving scheme which is being set up to tackle the most pressing hidden, unmet and emerging community needs in the borough earlier in the year. Well, Southwark Giving have continued to be very busy since then! So, we thought we'd provide a brief update outlining where we've got to so far.

Southwark Giving have secured four organisations who have chosen to financially invest in Southwark Giving's infrastructure and endorse us, named: Founder Funders.   We are delighted to announce they are:  
  1. Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
  2. Team London Bridge (Business Improvement District)
  3. The Wakefield & Tetley Trust
  4. United St. Saviour’s Charity
This exciting and emerging development allows Southwark Giving to continue to grow.   Our offer will have three components:  
  1. Investment – finding innovative ways in investing in local need
  2. Volunteering – provide borough-wide skills-based and practical team challenges through employer supported and community volunteering
  3. A Giver's Network – a friendly and engaged network of donors and fundraiser for Southwark Giving's Fund

Also, Southwark Giving, together with its Advisory Group, has set strategic foundations which will help Southwark Giving leverage and target its resources to the borough for the borough in the most effective way.

Southwark Giving is continuing to liaise across all sectors – businesses large, medium and small, Trusts/Foundations, charities and community groups borough-wide and close to the borough as it continues to develop.

Southwark Giving exists to bring together and reinforce resources not duplicate or detract. Through Southwark Giving we all get to positively address needs in our borough.

The team are continuing to develop and continuing to bring many sectors together to help unite the borough to tackle local disadvantage. So, do join them and be part of Southwark Giving!

Keep up-to-date with Southwark Giving's progress via or email

You can also find out more by following Southwark Giving on their new Twitter account: @southwarkgiving #southwarkgiving  


Southwark Giving features in London's Giving's pioneering report 

Southwark Giving are delighted to feature in London’s Giving first and pioneering report, ‘A Place To Give London’s Place-Based Giving Movement in the Spotlight’. London’s Giving recently launched this report and London’s Giving film, (Password: londonsgiving), which gathers valuable insights and learnings from many of London’s Giving schemes across the city. 

A Place to Give 2017_FrontCover_SmallerSouthwark Giving are delighted to feature as a case study in the report sharing learnings about the crucial importance of working collaboratively across a wide range of sectors - including working effectively with businesses. Southwark Giving firmly believe in the power of cross-sector collaboration and the importance of working as effectively as possible within the unique richness that multi-perspectives can bring – especially when focusing on creating innovative solutions to pressing local community needs. 

The London’s Giving network provide an easy way for the different giving schemes to come together to share learnings, support and together help unite London to tackle disadvantage locally. Southwark Giving is part of London’s Giving network because we understand the crucial importance of connection, particularly in this context as each place-based giving scheme seeks to best serve their own boroughs to maximum effect to help meet the most pressing community needs. Together, all giving schemes are creating significant positive social impact by addressing pressing local community needs across the capital.

  • View the full report here
  • Watch London’s Giving short film here