Involving University Student Volunteers

September brings a new wave of young, able bodied and smart people into London in the form of University students. Using students as volunteers has many benefits.

These include;

  • They have more flexibility in their days around their lectures and are more likely to be able to help with one off events

  • They are ready to explore different roles

  • They are willing to test out newly learnt skills

  • They are available term time only but some stick around for the holidays

  • They need to gain experience to be ready for the world of work in 3-4 years time

  • They are just generally keen!

Community Southwark has done a little leg work on your behalf to gather all the information you need to advertise your volunteer roles to University students.

Where we could find it, this table outlines details of how to register, upload roles and attend fairs for 11 London Universities, including London Southbank.  Five fairs are happening in October so apply now to get a stand. 

Many Universities volunteering arm is run by the Students Union but for a few they have a Careers team that support this. Dependent on the services and volunteer roles you are recruiting for, you need to think about which University offers courses around your needs. E.g. Goldsmiths has a social work degree and therefore would be an ideal University to recruit for volunteer roles working directly with vulnerable service users.

Most of the Universities have their own databases for you to upload your roles onto and you simply have to register your organisation to do this. However, a few Universities require you to have the following basic good practice things in place:  Volunteer Policy and Agreement, Health & Safety Policy, Equalities Policy, Risk Assessments of roles and good strong role descriptions before they allow you to advertise with them.  

Some Universities have special bulletins they put out for one off volunteering events - so if you are short of some volunteers for your event - contact a University.

With the arrival of Freshers comes a series of University events including Volunteer Fairs. This is a great way for your organisation to get access to lots of students and promote your roles and your work.

Need support?

If you need support to get the basic good practice policies and role descriptions in place, Community Southwark are here to support you. Drop Marissa an email at