Love London Working: Southwark Breakfast Morning - 26 April

Love London Working: Southwark Breakfast Morning - 26 April
26April 201709:00


Darwin Court, 1 Crail Row, London, SE17 1AD

Love London Working is an unprecedented partnership of 16 major Social Housing Providers based in London, which seeks to progress those in long-term unemployment and economic inactivity into work by addressing their often multiple disadvantages to employment through a support programme that is both tailored to individual needs and delivered at scale.

Love London Working is a three year programme which aims to recruit 21,000 unemployed and economically inactive Londoners and place 6,300 into employment. 3,570 participants will be over 50 years of age with 7,350 from ethnic minority groups and 3,150 will participants with disabilities.

What’s in it for attendees?

  • Networking with other organisations within the London Voluntary Sector.
  • Find out how Love London Working can support your organisation and your customers
  • Employer brokerage – We work alongside a wide range of employers across various sectors, providing opportunities to accommodate all needs.
  • Financial support
  • Breakfast and refreshments.

Initial engagement

Participants are assessed to identify their learning and personal support needs. Following an induction, all participants sign the Love London Working agreement, which outlines clear expectations and the commitment expected from them.

The programme

The provision improves employability through a combination of training and access to work experience and employment opportunities. Training aims to address vocational, basic skills, IT and ESOL needs, and provide opportunities to take part in activities to develop life skills aimed at:

  • improving confidence, self-esteem and motivation
  • providing health, well-being and lifestyle advice
  • offering financial advice, including “Better off in Work” calculations
  • providing counselling and support related to any health and family/relationship issues
  • assistance to access childcare, including mobile crèches

If people wish to attend please contact: