Working with faith communities to improve health and wellbeing in Southwark

Working with faith communities to improve health and wellbeing in Southwark

Following on from the faith and health exploration event on May 9th, the Public Health Team at Southwark Council are pleased to announce a new challenge grant fund to work together with faith communities to improve health and wellbeing in Southwark.

Download here: Faith and Health Challenge Grant Brief

We are inviting applications from faith leaders and faith groups for small projects they can undertake in their communities to make a difference in particular aspects of health.

From the views we heard from faith leaders at the exploration event we have refined three questions as the focus of the challenge grants. Your ideas can be related to any one of these three questions:

  • How might we help people make healthy choices on portion size and preparation of the food they love?
  • How might we help people seek early help from relevant health services?
  • How might we develop more discussion across the health sector and faith communities regarding health taboos?

You can find more detail about the grant fund and the process to apply in the full grant brief document above. 

Please do read the criteria and application details in the main grant brief. 

The application form can be filled in online through this link: Online Grant Application

There are 10 grants of £500 available. The deadline for applications is the 25th July at 12pm.

For more information please contact Truly or Nathan: 020 7358 7020,

Ideas workshop

As a part of the process of developing ideas for the grants we are holding a workshop on:

Thursday 5th July 

2:00 – 5.30pm 

Blackfriars Settlement, 1 Rushworth St, London SE1 0RB 

This workshop will bring together health professionals with faith leaders who are thinking of applying for a grant. It will be an opportunity to flesh out your idea, network with other applicants and make connections with health professionals. It is not essential that you attend the workshop but it is desirable as it will help to create a stronger application.

You can find out more and book your place on the workshop here:

RSVP July ideas workshop 

A message from the Public Health Team

The first phase of this project has been spent learning from national experts, leaders from a variety of local faith communities and also local professionals who support health and wellbeing. This has given us a really good sense of the potential for working together more closely to support both faith communities and the wider community to achieve improved health and well-being.

Broadly there are three things we think we can achieve better together:

  • Activating local residents and communities on health including supporting individuals, families and communities to take proactive steps toward improving their health by increasing understanding of health conditions and prevention, challenging health myths, supporting engagement on health issues, and supporting people through advocacy where needed.
  • Making healthier choices easier and the default: including choices about food, physical activity, mental health, alcohol, improving social connection and cohesion and promoting skills development to help individuals and communities to achieve these.
  • Helping people to engage and seek help early from a range of services: both from health and social care as well as our vibrant voluntary and community sector. Given the strong association between poverty and health, it is equally important to connect people early to support and services that help with housing, money and employment.

This programme will enable faith leaders and professionals to work together to make a difference in our communities. We look forward to hearing your ideas!