Wave Project seeks parking space for van

Wave Project seeks parking space for van

The Wave Project has been having great success with its London project since it launched last year, working with young people in Southwark specifically. Their main battle is in transporting the young people to the coast for their surf therapy sessions – up until now the Wave Project has been using hired minibuses to pick up and drop off the young people from Kennington Park.

But recently the Project has been donated a perfect minibus in great working order, that will significantly reduce  overheads and help them to run a lot more sessions closer to home.

However the bus is still on the other side of the country – The Wave Project currently operates from a single rented desk in central London, and so have nowhere to bring it to. The Wave Project therefore needs somewhere secure, or on private premises, to be able to park the bus when it is not being used, to keep costs down and protect it from damage. If you are able to help by offering a parking space or know of organisations, partners or private companies that they could approach to ask for permission to use a parking space then please get in touch with the Wave project.


Sarah Woods \ Regional Manager (South East)

Tel: 07757 747129


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