#StrongInSouthwark: The Experiences of Southwark's LGBTQ+ Community Report Release

#StrongInSouthwark: The Experiences of Southwark's LGBTQ+ Community Report Release

Healthwatch Southwark and the Southwark LGBT Network have launched their report, Strong In Southwark for Pride Month. 

Download a copy of the report here: Strong in Southwark

The findings from this social action LGBTQ+ survey, which has been led by local residents from its inception running from July - November 2018, showed a mixed outlook on life experiences in Southwark. Some key stats include:

  • Over 70% felt that mainstream services weren't inclusive of LGBTQ+ clients;
  • 34% of respondents preferred socialising inside Southwark rather than outside the borough;
  • 58 % of respondents believe that there is no sense of LGBTQ + community in Southwark; leading to concerns surrounding safety.
  • 42% of respondents had had a mental health illness with the past two years.

The launch event for the report took place on Thursday, 27 June 2019.

This event was supported by Southwark CouncilPublic Health, the VCS and a number of health departments across the borough.

Southwark LGBTQ+ residents and Allies shared their thoughts, experience and feedback on the work the team have been doing.

This will help us to gain the intelligence we need to help make Southwark be a better place to live in!

Any queries?

For any queries, please email Nathan@communitysouthwark.org.

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