Southwark Refugee Charities Forum (SRCF) update

Southwark Refugee Charities Forum (SRCF) update

Southwark Refugee Communities Forum (SRCF) was established by Refugee Community Organisations (RCO) in 2003 following several years of planning and debate to enable the voices of refugees themselves to be heard. Southwark Refugee Communities Forum meetings SRCF holds bi-monthly meetings of refugee organisations based and working in Southwark.

Due to the current Coronavirus crisis SRCF have had to change the way they work. Their priority has been ensuring their member groups, volunteers and staff are safe.

SRCF are sharing these translated versions of NHS Guidelines and resources on how to stay safe from Covid-19. These are translates into 34 languages, you can view them here.

In line with Government advice, all SRCF staff and volunteers are working from home. You can still contact them on their main phone number: 0207 277 4400, or you can email:

They SRCF team are still able to provide the following services; 

  • Information sharing 
  • Signposting 
  • Fundraising support

SRCF newsletter

Here’s the latest SRCF March/April newsletter


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