Lawyers volunteering for the Arts

The LVFA is a collection of law firms, totaling over 1,000 lawyers, ready and willing to offer FREE legal support to the arts community. The LVFA is actively looking for more referrals from arts organizations (rather than individuals) to assist with legal matters as diverse as intellectual property, legal structure, mergers, disputes, and contracts. 

What size of group can apply?

Any size of group – large or small, will be considered. LVFA are trying to target their support at the arts groups that can least afford legal advice so they have income limits around the same as those set by LawWorks (the solicitors national pro bono organisation). If your income is higher but you are struggling to pay for legal advice, we’d be happy to discuss your situation in more detail in case there is anything we can do to help (for example – restricted income of any amount may not be treated as income when we consider eligibility).

Want to know more?

More information can be found on the LVFA website here. 

The LVFA welcomes the opportunity to work with arts organizations in Southwark and so do publicize the availability of this to your networks.