Launch of the 'Supporting Volunteering in Southwark' Charter

Launch of the  'Supporting Volunteering in Southwark' Charter

We want a Southwark where volunteering is easy to access, meaningful, mutually beneficial to all involved and valued by everyone in the borough.

The Southwark Volunteering Strategy (2017 – 2020) brings together the council, voluntary sector and key partners to explore how we can, together, create a stronger culture of volunteering in the borough.

Community Southwark runs the Volunteering Advice Service for the borough and as such, the work we do aims to connect volunteer involving organisations with volunteers and champion the great work happening in the borough. But there is more that we could do together.

We want to help draw attention to the many organisations in the borough that do a fantastic job of supporting volunteers and providing fantastic volunteering opportunities.

The Southwark Volunteering Strategy Group have created the Supporting Volunteering in Southwark Logo, as a service quality certification mark, to highlight organisations that are committed to good practice in volunteer management and want to be seen to be part of a movement in Southwark of groups that proudly support volunteering.


By creating a network of prominent volunteering supporters, we can help to create:

  • Better information sharing between organisations

  • More coordinated championing of volunteering

  • More widespread good practice in volunteer management


If you would like to be able to use the volunteering in Southwark kite mark you will need to:

  1. Complete the volunteer good practice health check: This will award you with the London good practice charter to show your commitment to good practice in volunteer management

  2. Sign the Supporting volunteering in Southwark charter: Through this you will be asked to share a case study of your volunteering with us and promote volunteering in Southwark.


Please contact Katy Woolley for more information: