Help Guys & St Thomas's to review and improve their services

Help Guys & St Thomas's to review and improve their services

How well do the Trust’s services meet the needs of people from our diverse local communities?

Guys and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust need 6-10 patients and/or carers to join their new panel that will assess how well their services are meeting the needs of people regardless of their:
Age  Marriage or civil partnership  Pregnancy and maternity  Sex  Sexual orientation  Gender reassignment  Disability  Religion or belief  Race

They would particularly welcome the involvement of patients and carers who share some of these 9 characteristics that are protected by equalities legislation and policies.

The panel will meet twice a year:

  • We will make you welcome, respect and value your contribution
  • You will bring a patient/carer perspective to discussions and decision making
  • We will support you before, during and after meetings and visits to services -
  • with time to discuss any questions or queries you might have
  • You will prepare for meetings and visits to services by reading papers and other
  • information
  • We will reimburse your expenses for attending meetings in line with Trust policy.

If you want to get involved or would like to find out more:
Contact Sam Harper-Allen T: 07881 464 572 Email:
Plus visit the website and fill out an expression of interest form here.

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