FREE AUDIO GUIDES from Uswitch to help with energy and broadband costs

FREE AUDIO GUIDES from Uswitch to help with energy and broadband costs

FREE AUDIO GUIDES from Uswitch to help with your energy and broadband costs.

During this pandemic, people’ lives have changed, and things are hard and unprecedented. Financial worries are sadly part of this crisis and Uswitch have created some audio guides to help reduce your energy and broadband costs.

Uswitch is the UK’s top comparison website for home services switching. Launched in September 2000, we help consumers save money on their gas, electricity, broadband, mobile, TV, and financial services products and get more of what matters to them. Last year we saved consumers over £373 million on their energy bills alone.

They have looked into different ways they can help and have decided to take the Uswitch Community events outreach programme from offline to online:

“Here at Uswitch, we pride ourselves on helping people save on their monthly bills, but we're also very passionate about making sure everyone is fully clued-up on what they're buying before they make their purchase”


They are based in Southwark and are acutely aware of the number of local residents who struggle with their bills on the monthly basis, so they've created a bunch of audio guides to help them more easily make those decisions.

Have a look at some of their helpful advice!

Here are links to the three guides, have a listen and feel free to share them in your communications with your community members:

  1. Energy supplier support
  2. Broadband providers support
  3. Mobile phone network providers support

It is possible to download the audio guides from the links attached and send them as attachments directly via apps like WhatsApp and messenger, this may be useful for individuals who might not have access to a desktop or laptop computer, but might have access to a smartphone.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the audio guides, what you found to be positive and any areas where you think we can improve the listening experience for your community members.

How to download audio guides via Soundcloud by downloading tracks:

Online, you can download tracks once you have signed in to your SoundCloud account by clicking on the download file button beneath the waveform.

You can enable, or disable downloads for your listeners through your track's Permissions tab. Enabling downloads means that your listener can have a copy of your original file format that you have uploaded to SoundCloud.

Only individual tracks can be downloaded and playlists as a whole are not available.

Saving content on mobile devices It is not possible to download a track from a mobile device. However, users with a SoundCloud Go or Go+ subscription can save content for offline listening on a mobile device.

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