Community Southwark works with Hubbub and 02 to help fight loneliness and get people in Southwark connected during COVID-19

Community Southwark works with Hubbub and 02 to help fight loneliness and get people in Southwark connected during COVID-19

The lockdown has been especially difficult for those without the technology to see their loved ones.  

Southwark is the first borough to benefit from this exciting new scheme called Community Calling’ run by Hubbub in partnership with 02

People are now able to donate their old phones to the digitally excluded residents within the borough, to help fight the social isolation and loneliness being experienced during this Covid-19.  

Hubbub have enlisted the help of Community Southwark and Southwark Councilto effectively roll out this scheme across Southwark 

Our volunteering team were able to connect Hubbub with some great charities and community organisations in the borough, to make sure these phones reached their most vulnerable people. 

Southwark Works showing how the Community Calling is helping their beneficiaries





So far, we’ve been able to help the beneficiaries at Southwark Works, Age UK, Bede House, Time & Talents, Pecan, Pembroke House, Linkage, Solace, Quay Health Solutions, Southwark Group of Tenant Organisations and Renaisi. 

A snippet of the impact this has had in real time, can be seen in this heart-warming news coverage, which aired on ITV London Tonight evening news on 15 March 2020. 

It shows Joan Drane, a volunteer for Time and Talents overcome with emotion, as a phone delivery from Community Calling has enabled her to see her son for the first time in over 6 months.  


CEO of Community Southwark, Krzysztof Mikata-Pralatwas featured in an article featured on the O2 websitespeaking about our Community Southwark’s contribution to this scheme.  

 “During this pandemic we are working with front-line organisations serving to support the most vulnerable and working with Hubbub and O2 to help deliver this project will ensure that many members in the borough will be more digitally included. Being able to connect with family, friends or your community is a vital lifeline during this time and we are proud to be a part of this project 


Want to help overturn social isolation and loneliness caused by Covid-19? Here’s how to do your bit 

In the UK, for every single phone in use, up to four sit unused. If you have an old phone lying in a draw, it could become a lifeline for someone socially isolated right now. Gift your phone to someone who needs it.

 Your phone will be cleared of data, sterilised and distributed with a topped-up SIM thanks to, O2 and local community groups.  

Check out the steps for sending in your phone 



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