Youth Endowment Fund COVID-19 grant

This round will fund and evaluate work which supports vulnerable young people - mostly aged 10 to 14, at risk of youth violence, and can be delivered whilst adhering to the government social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines.

It also aims to help reach and support the vulnerable young people and to learn the best ways to provide support under social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines.

Grant amount
The minimum grant that organisations can apply for is £25,000, and there is no maximum. Grants awarded will be proportionate to the turnover of the applicant organisation.

What activities and work will it fund?
The round will focus on funding and evaluating two key areas of work:

1. Digital/virtual delivery of programmes, specifically:

  • Remote/digital/virtual delivery of programmes delivered on a one-to-one basis
  • Remote/digital/virtual delivery of group-based programmes
  •  Remote/digital/virtual delivery of guided self-help or interactive content

2. Face-to-face activity that can be delivered whilst adhering to social distancing/stay at home guidelines, specifically:

  •  Face-to-face activity delivered within schools, including activities to help vulnerable young people (predominantly aged 10-14)  return to school
  • Face-to-face delivery of detached youth work

Priority will be given to activities and work which:

  • Can clearly describe why the activities will be effective, especially if activities are being adapted to remote, digital or virtual delivery.
  • Are tailored to young people and involve regular virtual contact with a practitioner (for remote/digital/virtual activities).
  • Have clear strategies for engaging the most at-risk young people and monitoring their engagement.

Who can apply?
Applications can be made by most sectors including charities and local authorities.

For more information and to apply please visit the Fund website

Deadline: 3 June 2020. (midday)

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