London Community Foundation #iwill Fund

London Community Foundation #iwill Fund

#iwill is a UK-wide campaign that aims to make social action part of life for as many young people as possible by 2020. Through collaboration and partnership, it is spreading the word about the benefits of youth social action.

The Fund will deliver social action opportunities amongst young people aged 10 to 20 years old when the programme begins, or 25 for disabled people.

Social action involves activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering and provides huge potential to create enjoyable opportunities and skills development for young people, and in turn benefit the local people and places.

Grant size

  • Applicants can apply for between £1,000 and £10,000 for each project.
  • Projects can be up to 1year
  • Grants should deliver campaigning, fundraising and / or volunteering opportunities  for young people aged 10 to 20 years old, or up to 25 for disabled people.

How to apply
Please read the fund guidelines and application form guidance

Visit the LCF website

Deadline: 3 March 2020 (midday)

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