Education and Skills Funding Agency Community Grants Scheme

Education and Skills Funding Agency Community Grants Scheme

Grants of between £5,000 and £20,000 are available for small organisations that offer employment and skills programmes, under the ESFA Community Grants Scheme.

The Scheme is for organisations that help unemployed people, e.g. those on JSA or economically inactive, to get into, or to move towards, employment. It is particularly targeted towards organisations that can help those groups furthest from the labour market including older people, carers, parents, some BAME groups, homeless people, refugees, young people and ex-offenders. 

Support activities could be through advice and guidance; outreach work; improving basic and digital skills; removing barriers; supporting work placements; improving confidence and motivation or helping people access skills training and jobs brokerage.

The grant programme in West & Central London is called EQUIP, to reflect the goal of equipping voluntary and community sector organisations which often struggle to find funds to build capacity and through them to equip local disadvantaged people with new skills and job opportunities.

The next programme will open for applications on 17 September 2019

For more information please visit the Paddington Development Trust website

Deadline: Please check website!

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