The New Southwark Plan: Amended draft now out

The New Southwark Plan: Amended draft now out

On 15th January Southwark Council published an amended version of the New Southwark Plan. The Proposed Submission version of the plan has been prepared in light of the 334 responses received through previous stages of consultation.

The Proposed Submission Version is the version of the Plan the Council intends to adopt. Due to the changes proposed to these policies, a further round of consultation on the Proposed Submission version amended policies will take place. Any policies which have not been amended will be staying as they are. You can find the original 2017 draft Plan and the amended plan on this page.

An informal consultation is now open with a formal consultation beginning on 27th March and which runs until 17th May. 

The scope of the consultation of the Proposed Submission version: Amended policies January 2019 is to ask whether the aims of the policies are achievable and whether they are based on a robust evidence base. These questions are commonly known as the ‘Tests of Soundness.’ These are the same questions the independent Planning Inspector will be asking as part of the examination. We expect the Public Examination to take place later in the Summer.

As with the previous consultation the Council is asking two questions:
• Is the New Southwark Plan legal?
• Is the New Southwark Plan ‘sound’?

You can view the documents previously prepared at the end of 2017 for the last round of consultation.  The focus is now on the amended policies and visions.

This is the final opportunity to influence the Plan. The Southwark Planning Network, the Southwark Law Centre and Community Southwark will be working with local communities to help them identify the policies and visions that impact on them and how to respond. This will be achieved by delivering training events and developing other tools.  We will be posting more here an on our social media pages. So stay tuned!