Trusted Charity

Trusted Charity

Community Southwark offers a mentoring service for the Trusted Charity standard, which is widely recognised as one of the leading quality systems in the voluntary and community sector and has been adopted by thousands of organisations wishing to be more efficient and effective.

We run introductory workshops on the Trusted Charity quality system and can provide ongoing information and support for organisations wishing to use PQASSO as a self-assessment tool.

Mentoring from Community Southwark

Victor Momodu (Development Officer) has undertaken training by the Charities Evaluation Services and NCVO as a Trusted Charity Mentor. This means he is fully qualified in the use of Trusted Charity and the skills and techniques to support organisations using the system.

As Trusted Charity mentors Community Southwark are authorised to use Trusted Charity materials and have access to ongoing mentoring training, support and information.

For further details and to find out more about how we can support you, please contact or 020 7358 7020

Trusted Charity Quality Standard

Trusted Charity (fornerly PQASSO) has been around for more than 20 years and is one of the leading quality assurance systems used by the voluntary sector in the UK. It was developed in 1997 by the Charities Evaluation Service (CES) and designed for use by all sizes of organisations. The system is now managed by NCVO and was renamed in December 2018.

The system offers a staged approach to implementing quality through two levels of achievement which means you can only move from one level to the next until you have achieved and fully implemented Level 1.

It is important to maintain the position at the level that you achieve and remain until you are ready to progress to the next level.    


Trusted Charity is a self-assessment tool and an organisation can progress by using the work-pack containing the standards and indicators.

It is built around 11 quality areas which cover all aspects of an organisation to enable it run effectively and efficiently.

As a self-assessment tool an organisation is able to control the process and pace at which the standard is implemented.

Uses for Trusted Charity

Trusted Charity is a holistic quality assurance system and has many uses:
• It has a strong outcomes focus and helps to measure the differences to the organisation and service users that come about through planning and implementing improvements;
• can be used as a health check tool;
• can be used to help identify and manage risk;
• it is used as a governance tool;
• it is used to support continuous improvements.

External assessment and recognition

Most organisations are choosing to work towards the externally assessed Trusted Charity Quality Mark standard, which validates an organisation’s progress made through self-assessment. The external audit is carried out by Trusted Charity Quality Mark peer reviewers, who are members of the voluntary and community sector and have been trained for the role.

How long will it take to develop and achieve the Trusted Charity standard?

It will depend on a number of factors including commitment and resources available to support the process within your organisation. You should however pencil in about six to twelve months on average.

Developing and implementing Trusted Charity

If you are interested in achieving the Trusted Charity Quality Mark you may want to read the following resources:

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