Southwark's voluntary & community sector (VCS) needs a strong and unified voice

A network of 18 Reps (representatives) exists to provide this voice. Supported by Community Southwark, the Reps are here to listen to your concerns and influence local policy making. Meet the Reps now!

The terms of reference and approved notes of the meetings are published here

Got a question for one of our Reps?  Use our new form to ask away. 

Reps are elected / appointed every 2 years and were last elected in 2017. They are drawn from across the sector, and speak for the sector as a whole.

Reps do 3 things:

  1. Listen to the concerns, needs and strengths of the local VCS, at Community Southwark forums and other meetings.
  2. Communicate these to Southwark council and other policymakers, at strategic partnerships and other meetings.
  3. Inform the sector fully of key policy developments, such as emerging priorities, budget reducations and commissioning opportunities.

Our Reps focus on a wide range of areas, including:

  • children and families
  • young people
  • older people
  • mental health
  • disabilities, including special educational needs
  • advice

Contact Steve at,  or call 020 7358 7017, with any queries or suggestions about how Community Southwark can best represent the sector.